This is a Disruption.

What does it mean to be a face in the eyes of a camera?

The widespread use of facial recognition technology has proven time after time to act as a tool to target marginalized communities. This project strives to cause a disruption in the way that we view this normalized phenomena.

Disruption is meant to for us to take a step back from life as we know it and challenge the technology that we are learning to adapt to. As this technology becomes more popular and widespread in our everyday lives, data found from facial recognition technology has been used, often times, without the consent of the face itself. I would like my audience to pause and think: how will the increase of facial recognition technology affect you? How will it impact others? Should we be comfortable with the abilities of this technology? 

In this project, I have created four filters that disrupt mainstream facial recognition algorithms. These filters can be put on any image broadcasted to social media that will hide a face from these algorithms. This experience is meant to be uncomfortable, allowing the audience to see what exactly it means for a face to be read by a camera and how we can take measures to disrupt this normalized phenomena. 

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